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Mobile Tech in Nursing Informatics

Close up of male nurse in scrubs typing on smartphone
"Nursing informatics is still one of the “best kept secrets” in healthcare, even though nursing was at the forefront of informatics credentialing some 20 years ago. As technological advancements continue to grow and take hold in healthcare, the unique skill set of nursing informatics is becoming more well-known and desired throughout patient care.." - Jason J. Fratzke, RN, MSN, chief nursing informatics officer for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Jason J. Fratzke, RN, MSN, is the chief nursing informatics officer for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. With the increased integration of technological advancements within all areas of healthcare, Fratzke dedicates a significant portion of his time to the use of mobile technology in facilitating nursing workflow. 

Fratzke was an early leader in the advancement of an icon-based mobile app used in nursing for patient data documentation into electronic health records (EHR) and care. Currently, he is working to tailor a similar mobile app for nurses at Mayo Clinic. The use of this app will be launched at Mayo Clinic in mid-2017 and will help nurses to document real-time patient assessment documentation such as vital signs and pain scales into the EHR more quickly and efficiently. The app has other capabilities such as barcode medication administration and “pop-up notifications” to alert nurses of significant patient information and results. 

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