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Becoming a Nurse Advocate

As a nurse advocate, you’ll speak up on behalf of nurses. It’s an empowering and inspiring role that can help promote change for your colleagues, patients, and the healthcare industry as a whole.
  • Be involved
    Meeting up with your colleagues regularly can help you influence the rules, policies, and processes in your workplace and beyond. It’s one of the best ways to improve your environment and make sure you’re able to provide the best care.
  • Be an inspiration
    Let people know how great it is to be a nurse today. Share your experiences, offer advice, and encourage people to consider nursing as a first or second career. Consider working with your local school system to talk to students in elementary, middle, and high school about a career in nursing. Early connections are important, as students considering a career in nursing should be concentrating on math and science courses in high school, to prepare them for nursing school.
Innovate with us
We are proud to announce the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Platform, featuring three programs focused on building skills, developing leaders, and advancing nurse-led innovation in healthcare for nurses at every stage of their careers.
  • Female nurse smiling and taking care of female patient in an outdoor setting
  • Nurses Change Lives

    Throughout history, nurses have brought innovation to patient care that has profoundly changed human health.

Use your skills to help others by becoming a volunteer.
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
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