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Proudly Advocating for, Elevating and Empowering All Nurses to Drive Transformative Health Change

Johnson & Johnson is proud to further our 125-year support of the nursing profession by working with our partners to advocate for and empower nurses as innovative leaders who improve patient outcomes, strengthen health systems and change human health for the better.

We believe that if we can help support and empower nurses and other frontline health workers to solve for the healthcare challenges they face every day, we will improve healthcare for everyone.

Johnson & Johnson stands with nurses on the front line today and for years to come, because we believe nurses change lives, and that changes everything.

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How Nurses in One COVID-19 Unit Found an Innovative Approach to Dealing With Trauma
From inventing a medical grade protective mask to forming an interdisciplinary prone team; developing a virtual rounding tool to creating color-coded signs to improve communication. Johnson & Johnson was excited to speak with ten U.S. nurses who have developed innovative solutions in response to COVID-19.
Nurses Leading Innovation
  • Students at Galen College of Nursing in Hazard, Kentucky, practicing their skills on a simulation mannequin
    The U.S. needs more nurses, which means it needs more nursing students. Many students, especially non-traditional, or those who may be first in their families to pursue higher education, may need additional types of support throughout their academic journey to prepare them to enter the workforce. Galen College of Nursing recognizes that every student has individual needs, which is why they employ a holistic approach to expanding access to nursing education.
  • In celebration of National Nurses Month, meet nurse innovators transforming healthcare across the U.S., underscoring the impact of the profession in advancing health equity, improving patient care, and strengthening health systems.
  • Timiya Nolan spearheads the Uplift Her wellness event in Columbus, Ohio
    Timiya S. Nolan, PhD, APRN-CNP, ANP-BC, is a nurse scientist at The Ohio State University focused on working in and with her community to reduce healthcare disparities. In honor of Minority Health Month, learn how she’s helping Black patients improve quality of life after breast cancer, boosting heart health in Black men, and bringing more nurses of color into community-based research.
Share Your Nursing Story
We’d love to hear what you have to say about being a nurse. Is it challenging? Rewarding? What inspired you to pursue a career in nursing? What would you like to tell other nurses? Get started by answering a few questions.
An inspiring storytelling podcast series that spotlights nurses who are driving innovative solutions for today’s most challenging healthcare problems.
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
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