Innovate with us.

Nurses are uniquely positioned to change the global trajectory of health for humanity. Johnson & Johnson is proud to support and elevate the impact of nursing by championing nurse-led innovation that can transform human health.

Championing nurse-led innovation

We are excited to announce the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Platform, featuring three programs focused on building skills, developing leaders, and advancing nurse-led innovation in healthcare for nurses at every stage of their careers.

  • Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship
    The Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship aims to strengthen the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of inspired and innovative nurses to help amplify and integrate nurse-led innovation in healthcare.
  • Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge
    The Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge series invites nurses worldwide to share new ideas for treatments, protocols and devices that could profoundly change human health. Awardees can earn grants, mentorship and coaching from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to bring their ideas to life.
  • Coming Soon: The Innovation Bootcamp Podcast Series
    Developed in partnership with a leading nurse association, this educational storytelling podcast explores innovation and entrepreneurship with leaders in the field, led by an engaging, informative host.
    Stay tuned for our launch in January 2020.
Inspired Innovation
  • Why Nurse Innovation Matters

    Throughout history, nurses have brought innovation to patient care that has profoundly changed human health. In this video, watch highlights from the NSNA Plenary Session on why nurse innovation matters.

Inspire others to become a nurse by advocating for the profession.
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