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Hiyam Nadel


Director, Center for Innovations in Care Delivery, Mass General
Boston, MA

"The J&J Innovation Fellowship lent itself to instant credibility for my work. Everybody was looking at me differently, like I must know what I’m doing. The Fellowship helped me accelerate what I wanted to accomplish at my Innovation Center."

  • About Hiyam

    Hiyam came to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in 1994 as part of a team that re-established obstetrics after a 40-year hiatus and immediately began to implement a unique nurse care model that greatly expanded the role of nurses and created a “medical home” in obstetrics. As Nurse Director of both OB and GYN Ambulatory Divisions at MGH and satellites in Waltham and Danvers, Hiyam helped to design IT programs such as the ambulatory patient tracking system and an OB electronic medical record which subsequently sold to Hewitt Packard. In 2010, she obtained a certificate in genetics and in 2013 an MBA before recently becoming Director of the Center for Innovations in Care Delivery at MGH.

    She has also been involved in numerous healthcare and nursing Hackathons. She is a judge for Johnson and Johnson’s Nurses Innovate Quickfire Challenge, will be an inaugural member of the Nursing Advisory Board for the World Healthcare Congress, and is a founding member and on the Board of Directors for Society of Nurse Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders.

    Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship Presentation: Hiyam Nadel, RN, MBA, BSN, CGC

    Hiyam’s J&J Nursing Innovation Fellow Journey

    For Hiyam, becoming a Nursing Innovation Fellow was a license to extend her work as a nurse innovator into a lifelong career as a nursing innovation leader, both at Mass General Hospital and across the world. Her passion is in building models for innovation, inspired and designed entirely by nurses and a frontline workforce. Her process to cultivate, model and action nurse innovation in her hospital system has led to a multitude of new nurse ideas becoming implemented broadly within the institution.

    Over the past year, Hiyam’s success through the Fellowship and through her initiatives at the Center for Innovations in Care Delivery has caught the attention of international nurses eager to implement the same kind of change for their own communities. Hiyam is advising nurses and healthcare practitioners as far as Africa and Israel to begin to establish similar incubation centers for nurse-led innovation. Hiyam is driven by a business-minded approach for better outcomes across a new healthcare network. Since becoming a Fellow, Hiyam has been identified both internally within her hospital, but also on a national scale, for her innovative work, drive and spirit. Hiyam reflects on the Fellowship as a profound and meaningful opportunity that gave her the right mix of credibility and exposure to continue to expand and create new environments that foster nurse innovation.

    Meet J&J Nurse Innovation Fellow Hiyam Nadel:

  • Still of Hiyam Nadel, RN, MBA, CCG speaking
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