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Catalyzing a Healthy Work Environment

For our healthcare system to work, it takes nurses. Nursing burnout, turnover, and vacancy rates have risen to new levels amid the pandemic and understanding what is important to nurses in the workplace is the first step toward addressing foundational issues that cause them to leave.

We are taking action toward addressing these issues, through convening health system leaders to share best practices and pilot new approaches in the workplace that improve the workplace culture and environment, and provide resources to further strengthen nurse leadership and clinical skill development, and support mental health and well-being. Tap into our resources to help find ways to create workplace cultures and environments where nurses can thrive.
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  • Audience: CNOs, nurse executives, senior nurse leaders
    This ground-breaking, one-year, team-based nursing fellowship is focused on advancing healthcare by powering-up nurse-led innovation and leadership within health systems. Powered by Penn Nursing and Wharton Executive Education, the fellowship will immerse participants in the innovation process by focusing on human-centered design and design thinking methodologies and will teach fellows how to apply it to a specific challenge faced by their health system. Follow along with our new cohorts here.
  • Audience: Nurses, nurse leaders, nursing students
    NurseHack4Health™ Hackathon supports nurses, other healthcare workers, IT professionals, designers, and developers/engineers to ideate, create, and pitch solutions for the most pressing healthcare challenges. The next Hackathon will focus on catalyzing a healthy environment where nurses and patient can thrive. Registration for the Fall Hackathon opens in May 2024. Learn more about hackathons, ways to attend, and how you can prepare here.
  • Audience: Nurse-led health system teams
    Finalist health system teams will participate in an Innovation Accelerator followed by a Fall Pitch-A-Thon. Teams will pitch their solutions that reimagine a healthy environment where nurses and patients can thrive. Through support provided by the J&J Foundation, teams have an opportunity to receive up to $150,000 in grant funding to bring their ideas to life! More info coming soon for our Fall Pitch-A-Thon. Learn more about Pitch-A-Thons here.
  • Audience: Health system acute care units
    IHI Nurse-Led Care Delivery Solutions
    To identify innovative nurse-led care delivery solutions that will attract, support and strengthen a thriving and diverse workforce, IHI is testing five health system care-delivery solutions in a Learning & Action Prototyping Network. The Network includes virtual care nursing, innovative technologies and creative ways to utilize support teams and resources. The program runs from September 2023 to June 2024, and key learnings/toolkit will be available in October 2024.
  • Audience: All nurses
    The Johnson & Johnson Foundation, through multiple partners including #FirstRespondersFirst and Mental Health America, supports a variety of resources that nurses and other frontline workers can directly access to support their mental health and well-being. Learn more and leverage free resources by visiting the Mental Health and Well-Being section on the J&J Nursing website here.
  • Audience: All nurses
    Johnson & Johnson MedTech Healthy Workforce curates a variety of resources to support a healthy workforce. These proprietary, behavioral science-based healthy workforce solutions have many benefits to help healthcare employees become more resilient, healthier, and ultimately more engaged so that they have more energy to deliver on their calling—caring for others. Reach out to Richard Smith ( in the Johnson & Johnson Strategic Customer Group to learn more.
  • Audience: Nurse and Allied Health Professionals
    The EMPOWOR program, provided by, is designed to provide nurses and allied health professionals with clinical education and leadership resources, to empower those facing the challenges of today’s healthcare.
  • Audience: All nurses
    Nurses and health system leaders are invited to join ALL IN, Campaign to Prioritize Health Worker Well-Being, supported by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation. The campaign supports the mental health and well-being of healthcare workers. Healthcare workers can access a free Workforce Rescue Package here.
  • Audience: All nurses
    Through a grant provided by Johnson & Johnson, this continuing education initiative educates clinicians on unconscious bias and healthcare disparities. The program provides actionable steps to improve health outcomes among all patients, including underserved and marginalized populations—such as helping healthcare providers recognize, inform, act, and assess how changes in their daily practice can improve care and outcomes for their patients – across a wide range of diseases and therapeutic areas. Learn more and participate here.
Our Commitment to Nurses
In addition to catalyzing a workplace culture and environment where nurses can thrive, learn more about Johnson & Johnson's other nursing focus areas here:
Our Commitment to Nursing pillar promo
Elevate and champion nurses’ impact, and educate healthcare thought leaders on the barriers that need to be addressed to help unleash the value of the profession.
Our Commitment to Nursing pillar promo
Inspire and support BIPOC students to enter the nursing profession, support nursing career exploration, and better prepare new nurses for clinical practice through academic-clinical partnerships, diversified clinical experiences, and clinical skill development.
Johnson & Johnson is committed to providing mental health and well-being resources to help nurses better care for themselves so they can care for others.