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Emergency Nurse

An Emergency Nurse takes care of patients in a wide range of situations, from fevers, to minor injuries and major trauma.

High demand

Emergency nurses are in demand because their specialized skills, efficiency, and steady nerves are a few of the many qualities that make them a valuable asset to any emergency department.

Required education
Average annual salary
React and make decisions quickly in demanding conditions.
Work hands-on, directly with patients.
Follow a routine that allows you to anticipate and handle every situation.
Take on different tasks, patients, and situations every day.
You’ll thrive on working in a challenging, fast-paced environment where every case is different. You’ll multi-task and make split-second decisions that’ll save lives.
Nursing bag, medication, and signs cartoon graphic
What you’ll do


You’ll work with clinical and support staff to ensure optimal performance and results.


You’ll gather patient data, find out if they have any medical conditions and keep a record of changes to their status.


You’ll advise patients, family members and advocates.


You’ll administer medication and help manage pain.

Where you’ll work
  • Ambulances
  • Helicopters
  • Hospital emergency departments and triage centers
  • Sports arenas
  • Urgent care centers
Hear what Emergency Nurses have to say
  • Video still of Avery Huggins in hospital setting
  • The day-to-day of an Emergency Department Nurse

    Find out what Avery, BSN, RN, CEN, loves most about working in the Pediatric Emergency Room.

How to become an Emergency Nurse


Pass the NCLEX-RN.


Work as a Registered Nurse gaining two years’ experience in Emergency Nursing.


Pass the Certified Emergency Nurse exam through the Emergency Nurses Association.


You’re ready to work as an Emergency Nurse.

Join an Organization
Become a member of an Emergency Nurse organization to find career opportunities, learn from your colleagues, and support the profession.
Related Organizations
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Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
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