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Nurse Educator

A Nurse Educator teaches and trains the next generation of nurses at teaching hospitals, universities and colleges.
Required education
Average annual salary
Higher Salary
Earn more by having advanced skills and responsibilities.
Work hands-on, directly with patients.
Analyze data and discover new ways to help patients.
Follow a routine that allows you to anticipate and prepare for every situation.
Take on different tasks, patients, and situations every day.
You’ll evaluate and update the education curriculum, as well as teach in a classroom and clinical setting.
Nursing bag, medication, and signs cartoon graphic
What you’ll do


You’ll write grant proposals and record the outcome of educational processes.


You’ll teach, evaluate and advise students, oversee them as they practice the skills they’ve learned, and speak at nursing conferences.


You’ll assess and revise current educational programs.


You’ll be a role model and mentor for some of your students.

Where you’ll work
  • Community colleges
  • Continuing education programs
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care centers
  • Technical schools
  • Trade schools
  • Universities
How to become a Nurse Educator


Pass the NCLEX-RN and work as a Registered Nurse.


Pass the Certification Nurse Educator exam through the National League of Nursing.


You’re ready to work as a Nurse Educator.

Join an Organization
Become a member of a Nurse Educator organization to find career opportunities, learn from your colleagues, and support the profession.
A Nurse Life Care Planner’s role is also research-oriented.
A Nurse Advocate is another type of management nurse.
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