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Accelerating Nursing, Transforming Healthcare

New Research to Define the Future of the Nursing Profession

The silver lining of COVID-19 is that it changed the practice and delivery of healthcare in fundamental ways, with a significant impact on the nursing profession. As nurses answered the call for crucial healthcare leadership, longstanding barriers were broken down, policies shifted, and innovative new approaches were developed.

While our healthcare system has been ripe for change, the pandemic exposed areas of opportunity and opened a door to new thinking that we need to examine and continue to push forward.

We have partnered with leading nurse organizations to carry out this examination, understand the factors that optimized nurses’ impact on improving human health, and chart a path forward to enable this momentum far into the future, so that the nursing profession is well prepared to lead and help meet the evolving needs of our healthcare system.

To download the highlights from our research, click here, or continue reading for full details.
  • Who Is Involved and What Are We Doing?

    Johnson & Johnson, American Nurses Association (ANA) and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) partnered to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate the impacts of the pandemic on the nursing profession.

  • What Will This Achieve?

    This research will allow us to define a progressive path forward for nursing, ultimately strengthening care delivery and elevating the role of nurses as change agents and innovative, transformative healthcare leaders.

  • What Have We Found?

    Informed by national quantitative research in 2020, we conducted a range of qualitative interviews with renowned nurse leaders that reveal a set of critical learnings from the pandemic as well as next steps and promising practices that will be essential in delivering the full potential of the nursing profession for healthcare—now and in the future. The findings are delivered through an executive summary and three deep chapters of focused exploration.

Read the executive summary and learn more about how nurses are accelerating major transformations in U.S. healthcare.
Dive Into Our Three Main Research Chapters
  • Male nurse in scrubs and a face mask taking the blood pressure of an elderly patient
    The first chapter looked at Care Delivery, focusing on the changes that enabled nurses to lead amid the pandemic and those needed to continue to escalate this work in a post-pandemic world, with improved patient outcomes and stronger health systems as the goal.
  • Group of five healthcare workers in scrubs and lab coats standing in a hospital corridor
    We then explored Organizational Structure—the structures, operations, interdisciplinary collaborations and organizational innovations that helped transform leadership models, staffing and the delivery of care.
  • Futuristic medical ward with sick patient lying in bed with doctor using augmented reality interface to look at brain scans
    The final chapter, Workforce of the Future, focused on understanding the changes needed to build a stronger, more diverse nursing workforce to address the evolving needs of patients and support the healthcare systems of the future.
Watch the Webinar: Bringing the Research to Life
Bringing the Research to Life

Leaders at Johnson & Johnson, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership and American Nurses Association came together to discuss what we can learn from the research report. Watch this webinar to find: the various roles nurses see for themselves as healthcare leaders in the future, recommendations for how learning can evolve to prepare the next generation of nurses, strategies that health systems can use to embrace the inherent ingenuity of nurses, and concrete examples of nurse-led innovation that created novel solutions to enhance health.

Learn About Novel Nurse-Led Solutions Transforming Healthcare
Click here to read the stories of four nurse leaders and their teams as they transform healthcare and patient care.

Below, learn more about each of these programs and four critical spaces of innovation, including: academic and practice partnerships; diversity in nursing education and professional development; technology as an additional layer to improve patients’ care; and, the value of “blended” nursing team models in acute care settings.
Integrated Nursing in Practice.png
Susan Bakewell-Sachs, Dean of Nursing School at Oregon Health & Sciences University, shares how a deeper integration of nursing education and practice can create a seamless transition into the nursing profession. Watch here
The Power of Diversity in Nursing.png
Simmy King, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Children's National Hospital, discusses the importance of diversity, inclusivity and representation in the nursing workforce, and how Children’s National is helping to support diverse students enter the nursing profession. Watch here
  • The Virtual Nurse Observation Program.png
    Accelerating Nursing, Transforming Healthcare
    Maureen Swick, Enterprise Nurse Executive at Atrium Health, shares how technology enabled an extra layer of care and brought humanity to the bedside for patients at Atrium Health. Watch here
    Value of Blended Nursing.png
    Accelerating Nursing, Transforming Healthcare
    Claire Zangerle, Chief Nurse Executive at Alleghany Health Network, describes how Alleghany Health is improving patient care through the concept of team nursing. Watch here
See You Now Podcast
While the recent pandemic caused devastating loss of life and strained health systems, it also brought into sharp focus nurses’ pivotal role in healthcare and their enormous, and largely untapped potential to shape patient care, rethink how healthcare is organized, and where it’s delivered.

As part of a multi-episode series centered on the Accelerating Nursing, Transforming Healthcare report, See You Now delved deeper into a number of key issues discussed in the report. Listen to the series episodes here:
See You Now nursing podcast from Johnson & Johnson and the American Nursing Association logo
Johnson & Johnson has supported the nursing profession for over 125 years because we believe nurses are the backbone of health systems worldwide.
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
Group of smiling nurses in scrubs holding folders
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