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A Conversation with a New Pediatric Nurse

Female nurse in scrubs patting the hand of a young female patient
"I believe that nursing is a field that doesn’t completely click until you practice it — no matter how much studying and reading you do. In school you learn the textbook, but in practice, no patient is 'textbook.' You realize that your patients are human, and they have an entirely different range of needs and personalities that should be considered in your care." —Kimberly Appelbaum, RN

Jumping head first into pediatric nursing can be both exciting and scary. In order to help those looking to go into this popular career path feel more at ease, we sat down with Kimberly Appelbaum, RN, a pediatric nurse at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga. to tell us about how she has found her way during her first four months as a new nurse.

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