Nurses change lives

Nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare. Every day, their creativity, innovation, and healing touch change patients’ lives—and the world. Johnson & Johnson is proud to advocate for those changing human health in this dynamic profession.

Got a great idea for improving human health?
Submit it to the new Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate Quickfire Challenge, and you could receive up to $100,000 in grants and mentoring from Johnson & Johnson Innovation or its affiliates. Nurses’ innovations on new protocols, treatment approaches, and technologies have profoundly improved patient care—could your idea be next?
Latest Notes on Nursing
  • When Hiyam Nadel, RN, MBA, CGC, gives lectures to nurses, she often begins by showing a roll of tape and asking a simple question: “How many things have you done with a piece of tape - making modifications to equipment that wasn’t working quite right?” Image
  • Imagine if Florence Nightingale hadn’t worked to improve the standard of the sanitary practices used in hospitals, or if Sister Jean Ward never discovered that sunlight helped treat jaundice in newborns. Throughout history, nurses have been on the front lines of care, profoundly transforming health through the creation of new innovations that ultimately changed the standard of care to this day. By caring for the sick when others won’t, identifying smarter and better ways to heal, and developing life-saving methods, nurses are important facilitators of health across the globe. Still, many people don’t recognize the role nurses play in changing the trajectory of human health.
  • Photo Credit: Mark Krajnak for Johnson & Johnson
    On September 29, 2018, the Global Citizen Festival in New York, N.Y., brought together thousands of Global Citizens, advocates, activists, celebrities, policymakers, non-government organizations, and corporations who share one common goal: to end extreme global poverty, by taking action on key challenges around the world related to health, education, and equality. As a global leader focused on profoundly changing the trajectory of human health, Johnson & Johnson served as Global Citizen’s Major Health Partner for the third consecutive year to raise awareness of the critical importance of front line health workers, including nurses, in increasing access to essential care around the world.
A career in nursing
From finding schools, learning about degrees, understanding specialties, hearing from other nurses, and more, you’ll find the inspiration and information you need to plan your rewarding career.
Which nursing specialties might be a match for your interests and personality? Take our quiz to find out.
In their own words
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  • Why do nurses love what they do?

    Making a difference in a person’s life is one of the best parts of being a nurse.

Degrees and schools
Start your nursing journey by discovering the many programs and schools around the US.
Today’s nurses change lives in more profound ways than you might even realize.
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