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Nursing Career FAQs

For those interested in pursuing a nursing career, there are a few frequently asked questions to consider. One common question is how to become a nurse, which typically involves completing a nursing program and obtaining licensure. The steps to become a nurse may vary depending on the educational path chosen, with options including associate degree programs, bachelor's degree programs, and direct-entry master's degree programs. Another important question is what degree is needed to become a nurse, with many nursing roles requiring at least an associate or bachelor's degree in nursing. Get answers to these and other common questions about nursing as a career with the videos below.
  • Nurse in an on-camera interview about what qualities you need to become a nurse
  • How do I know if nursing is for me?

    Find out what qualities you need to become a nurse.

Nurses provide vital hands-on patient care, but that’s not all they do. They are leaders, innovators, educators, change makers, problem solvers, patient advocates, policy makers, and so much more.