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Lydel Wright


CEO and Designer of the Access Gown and Chairman of the EmPACT Foundation
Houston, TX

"The Fellowship has really given me a good framework to create opportunities for others, and when you get an opportunity like this, it is important to reach back and pull somebody up with you."

  • About Lydel

    Lydel A. Wright often attributes his passion for innovation and creativity to his experience being raised in a single parent home. Graduating high school as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Lydel knew that nursing would be a forever part of his story. After serving as a Nurse Leader for the last 12+ years managing several multi-million-dollar entities, Lydel began his pursuit toward entrepreneurship working to develop and commercialize his healthcare invention, SafeWatch, which focused on aging in place and clinical workflow redesign.

    Lydel enjoys giving back through volunteering at the local level through his church, as well as through his non-profit, The EmPACT Foundation, where they are empowering people to act through serving their communities. Lydel also enjoys serving on a national scale through the Horatio Alger Association.

    Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship Presentation: Lydel Wright, MSN, BSN, RN, NEA-BC

    Lydel’s J&J Nursing Innovation Fellow Journey

    Lydel saw the Fellowship as an opportunity to hone in on a specific issue in bedside care that he had long since identified as something he needed to act on. As CEO of The Access Gown, Lydel is utilizing the Fellowship as an opportunity to take his newly designed hospital gown that combines patient dignity with practitioner utility from proof of concept to nationwide product. Lydel views his Access Gown as a natural extension of his efforts to provide not only for his local community, but for patients and practitioners everywhere who face the same challenges with a 100-year-old design in the hospital gown.

    As Lydel moves forward from the Fellowship, he is preparing to begin production of his gown, and move quickly with market presence in hospital systems across the country. For Lydel, the J&J Nurse Innovation Fellowship has been an opportunity to transform his practice as a nurse innovator, his new company and his community through healthcare innovation.

    Meet J&J Nurse Innovation Fellow Lydel Wright:

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