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Lydel Wright


CEO, SafeWatch and Chairman, The EmPACT Foundation
Houston, TX

I see myself utilizing the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship as a springboard to further carry on my God given purpose of healthcare transformation.

  • About Lydel

    Lydel A. Wright is the youngest of four children born to Dawna and Liddle Wright. Lydel often attributes his passion for innovation and creativity to his experience being raised in a single parent home. Graduating high school as a Licensed Practical Nurse and with a high school diploma Lydel knew that nursing would be a forever part of his story. After serving as a Nurse Leader for the last 12+ years managing several multi-million dollar entities, Lydel began his pursuit toward entrepreneurship working to develop and commercialize his healthcare invention (SafeWatch) focused on aging in place and clinical workflow redesign. Understanding that 10,000+ people turn 65 years old every day according to the CDC (2016).

    Lydel’s dream to make an impact on this significant subset is beginning to actualize through the relentless and persistent pursuit of God and the vision given to him. Lydel enjoys giving back through volunteering at the local level through his church, as well as through his non-profit The EmPACT Foundation where they are Empowering People to ACT through serving their communities. Lydel is currently in the planning phase of a big project (through his non-profit) which he hopes to create opportunities for many especially Nurses (and those wanting to become nurses). Lydel also enjoys serving on a national scale through the Horatio Alger Association serving some of the nations most gifted and talented young adults as they matriculate through higher education as well as, after graduation.

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