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Notes on Nursing— November 2022 Issue

Nursing innovation doesn’t just happen in the hospital – some of the most exciting examples of healthcare entrepreneurship are nurses who see a problem at the bedside that can be solved in the community. Find two of these inspirational stories in this month’s Notes on Nursing, which also includes a brand-new episode of the SEE YOU NOW podcast and scholarship information for nursing students.
Meals that Heal
This nurse entrepreneur addresses health disparities by providing healthy, culturally appropriate meals to patients at home.
Inside the Issue

Bringing Well-Being into the Workplace

For healthcare to work, it takes a thriving nurse workforce. From nurse-led solutions to evidence-backed guidelines, innovation in workplace well-being isn't just possible, it's happening.

Developing a Diverse Nursing Workforce

When nursing becomes attainable for a more diverse group of people, the healthcare system improves. Johnson & Johnson is a premier sponsor of the CNO Academy, a critical, inclusive venue for the next generation of nurse leaders.

Fostering a Culture of Inquiry

In the newest episode of the SEE YOU NOW podcast, nurse leaders at Massachusetts General Hospital share how innovation is a tool for listening and learning from the frontline, with the power to transform an entire institution.

Nursing Students - Scholarship Application Open

Eligible students can apply for up to $10K of funding per academic year through Johnson & Johnson Our Race to Health Equity Diversity Nursing Scholarships and the Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association.

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