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Addressing the Nursing Shortage with Digital Staffing Solutions

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The rise of startup companies, expanded technologies that make working remotely accessible and a proliferation of freelance or short-term opportunities have significantly transformed the way people work across the United States. Nomad Health is hoping to bring this flexibility to the healthcare industry.

The flexibility of this so-called “gig economy” offers many benefits for both employers and employees across many industries, but applying these innovations to the healthcare industry can be challenging due to the hands-on nature of the field. Nomad Health is hoping to change that.

Nomad is an online platform that enables healthcare professionals and hospitals to connect to fill short-term freelance positions, known as locum tenens, without the traditional “middleman” recruiter. In addition to creating a more efficient and cost-effective way for hospitals to hire qualified staff, the platform is hoping to help address the nursing shortage by allowing nurses to find flexible jobs more easily.

We recently spoke with Alexi G. Nazem, MD, MBA, co-founder and CEO of Nomad Health, about the platform and its potential benefits for nurses.

For more information about how nurses can use Nomad Health, please visit

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