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56: Moment of Awareness: Creating Confidence

August 20, 2021


Necessity is often cited as the Mother of Invention. And, nurses who have been part of the inventing process share that exasperation, empathy, and determination are members of the same family. While caring for a patient in an interventional radiology lab and witnessing the exasperation on a patient’s face while struggling to secure a fluid-filled leg bag, nurse and inventor Brian Mohika, RN, BSN, was inspired to create smart, active-living underwear designed to secure catheters and fluid collection bags. He knew people needed solutions that were practical, comfortable, washable, discreet, and liberating. Brian stated, “it is about more than just selling a medical product. It’s about improving lives and returning people to actively living theirs.”

In this Moment of Awareness, Brian shares his invention story and the motivation and audacity required to bring the vision.

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Guest(s) Featured in this Episode

  • Brian Mohika, RN, BSN
Most people don’t think about catheters—until they need to live with one. Brian Mohika, RN, BSN, is a nurse inventor and entrepreneur on a mission to inspire others with his innovative medical underwear that’s helping to improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients who need catheters.

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