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77: Fostering a Culture of Inquiry

October 21, 2022


When COVID-19 first hit the US, the crisis response centered on equipment and hospital capacity. State, federal, and tribal leaders focused on setting up field hospitals, sourcing supplies, and mobilizing equipment. But the capacity shortfalls that most hampered our response were ultimately the country’s nursing workforce. There were not enough nurses with the skills needed, in all the places they were needed. There still aren't enough.

Globally, health systems are struggling with historically high vacancy rates and low nurse staffing levels causing delays in care and safety concerns. All of which are driving nurses to exit the profession. Although these issues predate the pandemic, the immense physical and emotional strain of COVID-19 has precipitated a true talent emergency—one that requires urgent and substantial investments to create practice environments that attract, support, protect, respond to, and empower our nursing workforce to flourish and deliver their best.

In this episode we meet nurses Gaurdia Banister, PhD, RN and Hiyam Nadel, MBA, CCG RN who are building a culture of inquiry for a health system globally recognized for innovation. We learn how innovation serves as an essential tool for listening and learning from the frontline and caring for the staff’s wellbeing and career fulfillment, and how problem-solving can be transformative for an entire institution.

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