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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

79: Making Spaces (Part II)

November 11, 2022


Around the country, makerspaces are popping up in collaborative hot spots like universities and community centers, making innovation and invention more accessible. It’s part of a growing, broader maker culture, which brings a DIY, democratized attitude to disciplines like engineering, coding, robotics, hardware development and more. And it’s a perfect environment to foster nurse-led innovation and direct it toward actionable solutions for the health workforce crisis.

Anna Young, the co-founder and CEO of MakerHealth, is bringing makerspaces into hospitals and putting technology and fabrication capabilities directly in the hands of frontline teams, such as those at UnityPoint Health Cedar Rapids, led by Nursing Research & Innovation Coordinator Rose Hedges, DNP, RN.

In helping clinicians of all stripes bring their ideas to life, the maker culture equips nurses to be the holders of solutions and brings greater personalization to devices that improve lives. In Part II of this episode, Anna and Rose talk about how to make an “all ideas welcome” culture accessible for nurses, the need for visionary partners who elevate the skills and ingenuity of nurses, and how the moment to invest and empower nurses to drive projects is now.


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