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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

23: Reading the Signs

August 14, 2020


Listener warning: This episode features groundbreaking work around human trafficking. The episode includes a very difficult and graphic conversation that may be triggering and not appropriate for all audiences.

The International Labor Organization estimates there to be over 40 million victims of human trafficking globally, with hundreds of thousands in the United States. In addition to being a human rights violation, human trafficking is also a massive global health problem with almost 90% of victims seeking care in our healthcare systems, with most of them being seen in emergency departments. Nurses are often the first point of clinical contact for victims and play a key role in identifying and providing resources for them. In this episode, we meet Danielle Bastien RN, DNP, FNP-BC, a nurse practitioner at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan who researched and explored human trafficking and how health systems, and nurses specifically, can identify and protect victims, help them find a way out, and a safer, more secure path forward.

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