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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

Rebroadcast 1: Why SEE YOU NOW?

January 29, 2021


As SEE YOU NOW celebrates its first year of remarkable stories of innovations and innovators and launches into its second year of storytelling, we wanted to return to our first episode to ground the importance of our focus on nurse-led innovation, and to listen with new ears tuned to where we are now in 2021. When SEE YOU NOW launched in January of 2020, health systems across the world were feeling the strains of ever increasing demands driven by an aging population, widening health disparities, and rapidly growing healthcare workforce shortages. We posed the weighty, existential questions—“Why THIS podcast and why NOW?”—and that was just a few weeks before nurses and health innovators across the world would be called upon to respond to COVID-19. The pandemic is a generational, global health and economic crisis that drastically, dramatically, and rapidly changed how we live, work, play, and pray, and is driving an unprecedented demand for nurse innovation, in real time. So much of what we explored in our first episode remains prescient and vital. Now more than ever, the SEE YOU NOW stories of health innovation and the nurses leading them are critical to improving health and saving lives.

Episode Resources

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● Journal of Nursing Scholarship, “The Woodhull Study Revisited: Nurses’ Representation in Health News Media 20 years Later,”

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● The New Yorker - “Amid a Measles Outbreak, an Ultra-Orthodox Nurse Fights Vaccination Fears in Her Community,”

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