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men in nursing

  • Male and female nurse in full scrubs looking at an X-ray
    Getting Real: Nursing Today
    Ruben Rodriguez-Negrete, Jr., president of the Emporia Men’s Assembly of Nurses (EMAN), hopes to inspire future nurses and fuel positive conversation around men in the nursing profession.
  • Close up of two pairs of hands clasped together
    Throughout his 30-year career in healthcare, Paul S. Hayes has provided the nursing community with leadership through a variety of projects focused on inclusion and community engagement.
  • A close-up of a gurney in front of an EMS vehicle
    While working as an organ procurement coordinator and and pursuing his Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), Adam K. Schneider was inspired to help his team reach a higher standard of care and education around maintaining donated lungs.
  • Image of two smiling men in a library setting
    Marcus Henderson, BSN, and Ian McCurry, BSN, RN, are co-founders and chief operations officers of Up and Running Healthcare Solutions, which was born from a project they developed while in nursing school to address health disparities facing homeless people in Philadelphia, Penn. We recently spoke to them about their initiative, and how nurses and small interventions can make a big difference in addressing health disparities faced by homeless populations.
  • A group of people in a classroom setting with name tags on
    As a member of the United States Navy Reserve, Randy “Joey” Ryan brings a unique perspective to nursing. Read on to learn more about how his past has impacted his current trajectory as an emerging health leader.
  • The Campaign for Nursing promo banner with woman smiling at the camera
    Now, more than ever, nurses are critical to the health of our world. The future of our healthcare system is dependent upon recruiting and retaining passionate student nurses. The future of our healthcare system is dependent upon recruiting and retaining passionate student nurses like those we recently met at the 65th National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) convention in Dallas, Texas.
  • A group of medical personnel sitting at a table explaining treatment options to a couple
    “It’s important to have nurses at the table making decisions, because we can translate information from the bedside to the boardroom.” —Brandon “Kit” Bredimus, director of emergency services at Midland Memorial Hospital
  • Male nurse in scrubs talking to a male patient
    During his three-decade career as a nurse, Eric J. Williams, DNP, RN, CNE, has often been the first male or African-American to hold his position, including in his current roles as the first male president of the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) and the first African-American male faculty member at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, Calif., where he serves as assistant director, faculty leader and professor of nursing.
  • Three nurses in scrubs walking down hospital corridor looking at tablet
    “The term ‘male nurse’ immediately separates me from the rest of nursing,” said Chris Stallard, MSN, RN, FNP-C, COHC. “Whether it is meant in a positive or negative way, it sets me apart from every other nurse and makes me feel not quite 100 percent nurse.”