Pediatric Bedside Nurse
Philadelphia, PA

As a pediatric bedside nurse, I love being able to support my patients and families in some of their most challenging and vulnerable moments.

My inspiration

A few weeks after applying to nursing school, a close friend of mine was the victim of a drunk driving hit-and-run. I witnessed firsthand in the ICU how the nurses saved his life that first night, and every night after that. My friend was not expected to survive, yet six years later he is almost entirely independent, walking independently, is back in school, working, and involved in his community.

What a typical work shift is like for me

I work three 12-hour shifts a week. However, I usually arrive at 6:30 and often don't leave until 7:30 or later. Shift pace varies - days are usually busier but nights you often get more admissions.

My advice for someone starting out
"Consider all of the possibilities that a career in nursing can offer you. Nurses work in ALL roles and areas. There is likely so much more to a nursing career than you’ve been exposed to."
How I balance work and life
Hobbies like hiking, camping, traveling, cooking, crocheting, and group exercise classes keep me sane - and ensure I go to work excited and fresh each and every day.“
More inspiration
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