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Jennifferre Mancillas


Co-Founder and COO Lumify Care
Fresno, CA

"Nursing school does not teach you about state sales tax or how to deal with international manufacturing. Yet all these things are necessary to build a business, grow it and impact lives. Utilizing resources, asking for help and leaning into what my innovation project needed to grow has allowed me to move the needle in healthcare."

  • About Jennifferre

    Jennifferre is a nurse in the nationally ranked, level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Valley Children's Hospital. Jennifferre's commitment to the nursing profession is expansive; she is a participant in the American Nurses Association's Mentorship Program, an Academic Mentor at Valley Children's Hospital, and participates in departmental shared governance committees. During Jennifferre's nursing career she has developed an exceptional ability to create innovative solutions to improve care for patients at the bedside. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to patient care led Jennifferre to invent a device that optimizes delivery of neonatal nutrition (currently being reviewed for patentability).

    Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship Presentation: Jennifferre Mancillas RN, BSN, RNC-NIC

    Jennifferre's J&J Nursing Innovation Fellow Journey

    The Fellowship has helped Jennifferre continue to solve the problems and challenges she has encountered throughout her career. From developing tools to redesigning worksheets and staff resources, Jennifferre has had a mind for innovation from the outset. Jennifferre's visionary designs and projects affect interdepartmental change every day and improve efficiency and quality of care throughout the hospital. Never being satisfied with status quo or accepting complacency, Jennifferre is always looking at ways current practices and products can be improved for practitioners and patients. Her most successful innovation to date, Lumify Care, has led to a fruitful business partnership, a profitable commercial enterprise, and a clear path towards creating lasting change for the comfort and wellbeing of nurses everywhere.

    Becoming a J&J Fellow has helped facilitate new opportunities and growth for Jennifferre. Most importantly, it has pushed her to believe in herself and to champion her own innovation by jumping headfirst at every opportunity to learn and grow that has come her way.

    Meet J&J Nurse Innovation Fellow Jennifferre Mancillas:

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