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Mary Jo


Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Fort Thomas, KY

"I love being able to calm one's fears. I love being able to help make someone feel better during a stressful time in their life. I love being able to make a difference."

My inspiration

"My grandmother lived with us when I was a little girl. At the end of her life, she was bedridden and needed a lot of care. I would stay in her room to keep her company and help her with whatever she needed. In addition to the care I would give her, I sang and danced for her. I can still remember her telling me "promise me that you will become a nurse when you grow up so that you can give others the loving care that you've given me." I promised her that I would. I kept my promise."

I take care of post operative patients.

What a typical work shift is like for me

We see patients with complicated medical histories to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery. I work with a Nurse Practitioner from the Anesthesia team. I evaluate patients, speak with family doctors, draw blood and make sure we have everything necessary for the patient to have a safe surgical experience.

My advice for someone starting out
"Be humble, Learn to take constructive criticism. Ask questions. Respect the older nurses you work with. They may not be as fast as you or have the same computer skills, but they have a lifetime of knowledge and experience they can share."
How I balance work and life
Although at times it is impossible to leave your work at work, it's important to be able to do so. I have gained a greater appreciation of the smaller things in life. I've learned to value my health and realize the importance of balance in my life.
Mary Jo
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