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Meet the Future of Nursing

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Now, more than ever, nurses are critical to the health of our world. The future of our healthcare system is dependent upon recruiting and retaining passionate student nurses. The future of our healthcare system is dependent upon recruiting and retaining passionate student nurses like those we recently met at the 65th National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) convention in Dallas, Texas.

In their own words, discover what inspired Melanie, Jennifer, Kyle, Raya and Marcus to become nurses, and why we feel so confident about the future of nursing.  

Meet Jennifer

Growing up in a small town, Jennifer didn’t know which career path she wanted to pursue until she decided to become a caretaker for her aunt when no one else in her family could. Jennifer describes the special conversations she had with her aunt, and how this exposure to someone in desperate need of care and support led her to nursing school. 

Meet Kyle

During nursing school, Kyle was taking care of a two-year-old boy with congenital defects. As he fell asleep in Kyle’s arms, the boy grabbed his finger and, from that moment on, Kyle knew he was destined for a career in pediatric nursing.

Meet Marcus
As a young child, Marcus’ great-grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, his great-aunt had Down syndrome. Caring for these two individuals who mean so much to him fueled a passion for helping others. The ability to connect with individuals on an intimate level while they are at their most vulnerable state is what Marcus aspires to achieve as a nurse.


Meet Melanie
Melanie knows from personal experience that through the distress of the unknown comes the opportunity for a nurse to provide support. Regardless of where someone is from or who they are, the caring touch of a nurse can make all the difference. Melanie believes she is on this earth to serve others, and has dedicated her life to doing so as a nurse.


Meet Raya
The pain and struggle of displacement is something near to Raya’s heart. As a nursing student, Raya has dedicated time to providing care for refugees in Syria. She describes this job as taxing, but ultimately an honor, because of the opportunity to leave a legacy through every life she touches as a nurse.


As the “most trusted” members of the healthcare profession, nurses play a vital role in quality patient care by bringing knowledge, problem-solving skills and a personal approach to their work every day. To help open the door to the next generation of nurses, support scholarships for nursing students through the Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association (FNSNA) and download the Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo app and Charity Miles partner app today.


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