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National Nurses Week

  • Lynda Benton, Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives at Johnson & Johnson, reflects on the way forward for the nursing profession as we celebrate this year’s National Nurses Month.
  • Amid a global pandemic, when the world needed their leadership in healthcare more than ever, nurses answered the call. Johnson & Johnson is celebrating National Nurses Month 2021 by sharing the stories of 15 nurse healthcare disruptors, just some of the many nurses who led the way through COVID-19.
  • From inventing a medical grade protective mask to forming an interdisciplinary prone team; developing a virtual rounding tool to creating color-coded signs to improve communication. Johnson & Johnson was excited to speak with ten U.S. nurses who have developed innovative solutions in response to COVID-19.
  • At Johnson & Johnson, we will never stop advocating for, elevating and empowering nurses as innovative, critical leaders on the frontline. This National Nurses Month, and in the International Year of the Nurse, learn how we are working to support nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19.
  • The Campaign for Nursing promo banner with woman smiling at the camera
    Now, more than ever, nurses are critical to the health of our world. The future of our healthcare system is dependent upon recruiting and retaining passionate student nurses. The future of our healthcare system is dependent upon recruiting and retaining passionate student nurses like those we recently met at the 65th National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) convention in Dallas, Texas.
  • Smiling nurses sitting and listening to a lecture
    The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing, now celebrating its 15th year, has been an unwavering national effort widely recognized by many as tremendously successful in its drive to recruit, retain and support the nursing profession. Although the success of this initiative is encouraging, it is important to acknowledge that there is still more work to be done. Learn more about how nursing scholarships are helping support the next generation of nurses.