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About this Series
At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that a nursing profession that reflects the communities they care for, supports improved, more equitable health care for all. Today, we are working to support greater diversity in nursing through scholarship opportunities, leadership education, mentorship and more. In the new Future of Nursing is Me series, we seek to inspire and drive increased interest in the profession, by elevating and sharing the stories of current, diverse nurses and nursing students. Hear what drew them to nursing, as well as the opportunities and challenges they have faced, and why nursing is a profession with possibilities for all.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Rashell T.
    Meet the PA nursing student whose immigration experience inspired her to become a nurse to give back and help her community.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Virginia L.
    Meet the nontraditional nursing student inspired to join her daughter and son-in-law in the nursing profession.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Lucero B.
    Meet the first-generation nursing student balancing motherhood, work and school to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Natalie F.
    Meet the nursing student who wants to become a last-line advocate for patients and a helping hand for new nurses on their paths to the profession.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Chantol
    Meet the nursing student who brings her most authentic self to the table—and hopes to make an impact from Jamaica to the U.S. and beyond.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Rebecca
    Meet the nursing student led by faith and family, ready to face her fears head on and advocate for patients—and herself.
  • The Future of Nursing is Me: Chasity
    Meet the Mississippi nursing student who hopes to provide compassionate care and patient advocacy to those who need it most.
Nursing Career FAQs
As part of our focus to diversify the nursing workforce, Johnson & Johnson is honored to support nurses from all backgrounds with scholarship opportunities, mentorship and more. When the nursing workforce is more representative of the patients they serve, the better care becomes for all.
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