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The Future of Nursing is Me: Chasity

Meet the Mississippi nursing student who hopes to provide compassionate care and patient advocacy to those who need it most.

Attracted to nursing after witnessing the healthcare experiences of her family, Chasity is driven to provide compassionate care when patients are at their most vulnerable, and to advocate for patients who may not be able to speak up for themselves. After graduating, she hopes to work in the ICU and build a career that spans from practice to the classroom. Watch to hear Chasity share her experiences in nursing school, from her deep passion to patient care as well as her concerns, like burnout and imposter syndrome. When the nursing workforce is more representative of the patients they serve, the better care becomes for all, and Chasity encourages anyone considering the nursing profession to go for it.

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  • This video series highlights the powerful and inspiring stories of nursing students who share their path toward the profession, and the resources, opportunities and mentors that have made a career in nursing a possibility.
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