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106: Investing in Nurses! Insights in Action


In 2023, in a first-of-its-kind, The American Nurses Foundation’s Philanthropic Support for the Nursing Profession report revealed that nursing receives just one penny of every healthcare philanthropy dollar despite broad awareness and agreement of the need for massive and urgent investment in nurses and nursing to transform our complex health care systems and care delivery.

In this series of rare, in-depth unscripted conversations with philanthropists, fundraisers, program managers, executive directors, grantees, and innovators we explore the creative, strategic, and evidence-based approaches to these investments; learn why, how, and who is investing in nurses and nursing; and why it’s so urgent.

In this episode, we explore with Kate Judge from the American Nurses Foundation the key findings from ANF report, learn where investments in nursing are currently being made and where resources need to be directed -- leadership, workforce development, and new models of care. And we learn from seasoned philanthropist Victoria Simms, PhD, Simms/Mann Family Foundation Executive Director Rachel Barchie, and nurse executive Karen Grimley how they are putting the ANF report into action with their transformative gifts to health systems, strategic partnerships, and Off the Chart: Rewarding Nursing Greatnesscampaign.


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