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107: Investing in Nurses! A Nurse’s Journey

May 22, 2024


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This National Nurses Month, we are celebrating nurses by releasing a multi-part series highlighting their essential role in healthcare, and how creative and impactful workforce investments and philanthropy are helping nurses thrive.

In 2023, in a first-of-its-kind, The American Nurses Foundation’s Philanthropic Support for the Nursing Professionreport revealed that nursing receives just one penny of every healthcare philanthropy dollar despite broad awareness and agreement of the need for massive and urgent investment in nursing to transform our complex health care systems and care delivery.

In this second episode in our series of rare, in-depth unscripted conversations with philanthropists, fundraisers, program managers, executive directors, grantees, and innovators we explore the individual nurse’s journey and the creative and strategic ways foundations are investing and partnering to engage students as early as middle school to spark interest in healthcare careers, deliver education through the lens of health and education equity, and build the diverse workforce needed to meet current shortages and growing demand.

Listen in for conversations with Pamela McCue PhD, RN, CEO of NursesMC, Jenny Kane of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Elisabeth DeLuca and Kevin Byrne of the Elisabeth C. DeLuca Foundation as we dive deep into the details of a Nurses’s Journey, transformative, recording breaking gifts, Bloomberg Philanthropies $250 million Career and Technical Education Healthcare Initiative, and the groundbreaking NursesMC model for building a representative nursing workforce centered on the social determinants of health, education, and employment.


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