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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

43: Caring About Access

March 19, 2021


Why do Americans struggle getting access to health care? It's a big question, and a big problem. One with serious consequences. Despite the plethora of health care systems, services, practitioners, and technology available throughout the United States, for many people, access to care is frustratingly difficult and frequently includes long wait times. And too often, the care people are able to access doesn’t meet their needs and may not be the care they deserve. In this episode, nurse practitioner Wendy Wright, APRN, FAANP, examines a fresh model for primary care where access, time, presence, data, and innovation are key to how her nurse practitioner-led primary care clinics are meeting people where they are—even if that’s in the front seat of their car, under a tent, or in a parking lot!

Guests Featured in this Episode
● Wendy Wright, APRN, FAANP

Episode Resources
Wall Street Journal, The Doctor Won’t See You Now
New York Times, Advanced Cancers Are Emerging, Doctors Warn, Citing Pandemic Drop in Screenings
University of Southern California study: COVID-19 reduced U.S. life expectancy, especially among Black and Latino populations
PNAS study: Reductions in 2020 US life expectancy due to COVID-19 and the disproportionate impact on the Black and Latino populations
Kaiser Health News, Thousands of Doctors’ Offices Buckle Under Financial Stress of COVID
New York Times, A Grim Measure of Covid’s Toll: Life Expectancy Drops Sharply in U.S.

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