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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

48: Meeting of Minds: Partnering for Health Impact

May 14, 2021


Think about what you might have learned had you been in the room with some of the most fruitful partnerships of our time: Jobs and Wozniak; Warhol and Basquiat; Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. That’s what our Meeting of Minds series is meant to do: to take you behind the scenes to listen in on conversations between chief nurse officers and leaders from disciplines inside and outside of healthcare who are driving innovation. This week, we bring together in conversation two incredible leaders and innovators: Kathy Driscoll, MSN, RN, CCM, Chief Nursing Officer at Humana Inc., and Kathryn Tart, EdD, MSN, RN, founding dean of the University of Houston's College of Nursing. Both have formed a unique collaboration through Humana’s Integrated Health System Sciences Institute at the University of Houston to train current and future healthcare leaders with a focus on providing holistic and collaborative care to improve health outcomes. The Institute’s unique and diverse programs aim to solve complex issues related to social determinants of health: social isolation, food insecurity, homelessness, and access to transportation for the Houston community. And it’s a win-win. Kathy and Kathryn’s efforts are strengthening the skills of nurses and of nursing students, as well as those beyond the medical field.

Guests Featured in this Episode

  • Kathy Driscoll, MSN, RN, CCM
  • Kathryn Tart, EdD, MSN, RN


  • Humana Inc.
  • University of Houston School of Nursing

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