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74: Who Cares When Nurses Leave?

July 30, 2022


This summer, SEE YOU NOW is on the road and part of the Aspen Ideas: Health conference. Bringing together an exceptional mix of experts, visionary thinkers, and innovative doers from across a range of disciplines and viewpoints, Aspen Ideas: Health is appreciated for stimulating, and sometimes provocative exchanges that turn ideas into action and chart pathways toward better health for all.

The well-being of our healthcare workforce -- specifically nurses -- took center stage at Aspen as a global priority. In an expert panel discussion led by SEE YOU NOW host and nurse Shawna Butler, we talk candidly about Healthcare in Critical Condition: Who Cares When Nurses Leave?

This expert panel highlighted the nursing crisis as a healthcare crisis – that without skilled, experienced, supported and empowered nurses, reliably safe and quality healthcare is at risk, with a disproportionate impact on rural America. The needs are urgent and action is non-negotiable – patient health and safety are on the line. Listen in to hear nurse and researcher Christopher Friese professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, nurse Karen Dale CEO, AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia, and emergency physician Christopher Barsotti Program Director, AFFIRM at The Aspen Institute, discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions to Healthcare’s Great Resignation.

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