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18: Mental Health Pandemic

May 30, 2020


No one anticipated that 2020, The Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, would see nurses at the center of a novel coronavirus pandemic. But that’s exactly what’s unfolding and nurses are rising to the challenges and demands. Every day, frontline healthcare teams are making impossible choices, risking their health and their family's health, saving lives, and keeping our health systems afloat. The work is exhausting on every dimension and triggering a series of pandemics. COVID-19 will have a mental health impact on everyone. And for those providing the care and making tremendous sacrifices for our communities, the mental health toll will continue on well beyond the pandemic itself. In this special episode of SEE YOU NOW we hear from four healthcare leaders with a different lens on the shared mission of building a healthy, happy, and resilient healthcare workforce. Barbara McLean, clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner, Liz Stokes, the director of the ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights, Judy Davidson, nurse scientist, and Pam Cipriano, the dean of the University of Virginia School of Nursing, share their experience, perspective and wisdom and the urgency of addressing mental health needs now.

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Nurses, ethics, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic-

Nurses’ Roles and Responsibilities in Providing Care and Support at the End of Life-

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation- The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge (HNHN GC), is a social movement designed to transform the health of the nation by improving the health of the nation's 4 million registered nurses.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Call 1-800-273-8255.

Dr. Bernadette Melnyk-

CODE LAVENDER- CODE LAVENDER is a crisis intervention tool used to support any person in a Cleveland Clinic hospital. Patients, family members, volunteers, and healthcare staff can call a Code Lavender when a stressful event or series of stressful events occurs in the hospital.

World Health Organization- State of the World’s Nursing Report- 2020

As part of the Johnson & Johnson commitment to healthworkers through the Center for Health Worker Innovation – we have joined First Responders First. To access evidence-based content, tools, and resources designed to improve the resilience and well-being needs of frontline health workers and their leaders in time of crisis, visit the resources section of the First Responders First.

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