See You Now Podcast

5: Pause for a Moment

February 18, 2020


As an emergency nurse and palliative care liaison, Jonathan Bartels, RN, understands the toll that witnessing a death can have on healthcare worker resiliency. In this episode, Shawna Butler talks with Bartels on designing “The Pause,” a meaningful and effective practice that health systems are rapidly adopting to address the alarming rate of clinician burnout and mental stress.

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Featured in this episode –

Jonathan Bartels, RN

Additional Resources and Background Information –

The Pause,

University of Virginia - “The Pause, A UVA trauma care nurse honors the lives of his patients,”

Where to download The Pause app -

American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Critical Care Nurse, “The Pause,”

American Nurses Association Position Statement on Nurses’ Roles and Responsibilities in Providing Care and Support at the End of Life,

American Nurses Association Position Statement on Addressing Nurse Fatigue to Promote Safety and Health,

The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association,

The New York Times - “The Role of Nurses When Patients Decide to End Their Lives,”

Death Over Dinner - Curriculum for healthcare professionals,

Death Over Dinner - Healthcare Edition video,

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