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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

Rebroadcast 5: Pause for a Moment

October 30, 2020


When we first aired the episode “Pause For a Moment” back in February of 2020, the world was in a different place, but we were already speaking to the experiences of nurses who, when faced with death, needed to take time to reflect and process each loss and hold time to grieve. Emergency nurse and palliative care liaison, Jonathan Bartels, RN, understands the toll that witnessing a death can have on healthcare worker resiliency. Bartels designed The Pause, a meaningful and effective practice that health systems are rapidly adopting to address the alarming rate of clinician burnout and mental stress. COVID-19 changed the death and dying experience in hospitals and forced nurses to not only innovate the end-of-life experience, but also to shoulder so much more of it.

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