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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

29: Season 2: It’s a Wrap

October 9, 2020


As we wrap Season 2 of SEE YOU NOW we’re listening back through the stories and hearing important themes emerge that include a heightened appreciation for innovation, the role it’s playing in responding to our current public health crises, and how that role is changing and evolving. In the era of COVID-19, the practice, permissions, and norms of innovation have shifted dramatically –it’s also identified and cultivated new leaders.

Season 2 took us across the country finding stories of health innovation, from one coast to the other, from rural settings to urban settings, with nurses who specialize in everything from intensive care, to design, and legislation. While the season highlighted the geographic differences, it also punctuated, and, possibly more importantly, showed just how much we share in common.

While we are busy working to bring you more exciting stories in Season 3, we invite you to tune in to some of our favorite moments from Season 2. If you have any favorite episodes or stories of nurses leading innovation across all the frontlines of care, please let us know at We’ll be back soon!

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