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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

69: Paired for Primary Care Equity

March 23, 2022


Throughout 2022, we’ll bring you stories that speak to the current state of the healthcare workforce and the urgent need to protect and support nurses; design safe, healthy work environments and cultures that attract, value, empower, add diversity to, and advance nurses. We’ll point you to experts, innovators, catalysts, artists, tools, resources, and more to increase well-being, mental fitness, clinical excellence, and joy in the work of improving health and saving lives.

The transformation of primary care is unfolding across the US within a new era of primary care clinics that have embraced technology and data and the power to anticipate and automate many of the front, mid, and back-office operations that stitch together a truly delightful primary care experience. Yet this wave of building new, transformational tech-enabled primary care clinics didn’t include building solutions to support existing clinics — many of which are Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) located in under-resourced and rural communities and serving those insured by the public health insurance program Medicaid. Nearly 85 million people, half of which are children, are enrolled in Medicaid, making it the single largest insurer in the United States.

In this episode, we meet nurse Cassie Choi and engineer Neil Batlivala, two mission-driven founders of the healthtech startup Pair Team, who built a remote, tech-enabled clinical team to provide virtual assistance and automation of clinical operations, care coordination, and outreach activities — so onsite primary care teams can build trust and focus on what really matters: people, relationships, and health.

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