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See You Now Podcast

See You Now Podcast

76: Why Work in Healthcare?

September 23, 2022


During the summer of 2022, SEE YOU NOW has been on the road meeting new ideas and people and sharing stories about what we’ve experienced in a wide range of healthcare encounters. In this episode we invite you join us at the Aspen Ideas: Health conference.

Aspen’s 60+ sessions are designed to engage a broad audience in the issues that shape our lives, challenge our times, and introduce us to leaders and ideas that chart pathways toward better health for all. Building on the understanding that reliable, safe, quality healthcare for all depends on a well-trained, energetic, and abundant workforce, the health and wellbeing of clinicians took center stage at Aspen. Despite schools of nursing, medicine, and public health attracting record numbers of qualified applicants, many highly trained health professionals are leaving fleeing the field. In this lively panel discussion led by physician and former NYC Health commissioner Dave Chokshi, MD, seasoned clinicians Sandra Lindsay, RN, MBA, Adrian Billings, MD and Siobhan Wescott, MD MPH speak candidly about the exhaustion, debt, and moral injury plaguing the healthcare workforce; the political, financial, and workforce solutions they advocate for; and in spite of—or because of—the numerous system-level challenges, why working in healthcare remains a rewarding and promising career choice.

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