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67: Nurses You Should Know

February 28, 2022


Throughout 2022, we’ll bring you stories that speak to the current state of the healthcare workforce and the urgent need to PROTECT AND SUPPORT NURSES; design safe,  healthy work environments and cultures that attract, value, empower, add diversity to, and advance nurses. 

In 2022 we’ll point you to experts, innovators, catalysts, artists, tools, resources,  and more to increase well-being, mental fitness, clinical excellence, and joy in the work of improving health and saving lives.

Four cartoon depictions of nurses you should know
Nurses of color have long-shaped the nursing profession and transformed healthcare, but their stories are underrepresented in the broader nursing narrative. A new nurse-led project, “Nurses You Should Know,” is using storytelling to help close the representation gap by amplifying their contributions.

Nursing’s origin story, the one that informs the profession’s identity, has, like many origin stories, overlooked, omitted, or forgotten the contributions of many, but particularly nurses of color who have shaped the nursing profession and society in significant and enduring ways and advanced person-centered care, health equity, research, racial integration, nursing education, and the performance of a vast array of health systems since the profession’s founding.

But what if nursing’s professional origin story represented the contribution and stories of all nurses? How might having an inclusive, expansive history and nursing narrative impact the diversity, cohesion, safety, and performance of our health care teams and systems and achieve our health equity goals? What if names like Mary Seacole, Hazel Johnson Brown, and Eddie Bernice Johnson were as familiar to reference as nursing icons, innovators, and game changers as Florence Nightingale? In this episode, we meet nurse innovators Ravenne Aponte, BA, BSN and Joanna Seltzer Uribe, RN, MSN, EdD (c) and their quest to introduce you to, in fun and sticky ways, NursesYouShouldKnow -- and more importantly -- WHY we should know them.

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Joanna Seltzer Uribe, RN, MSN, EdD(c)
Ravenne Aponte, BA,RN, BSN

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