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96: Addressing Moral Distress Across the Healthcare Workforce

August 23, 2023


High vacancy and turnover rates in our healthcare workforce are today's well-documented reality putting safe, affordable, quality healthcare at risk for everyone. In this episode, recorded live at Aspen Ideas: Health, an expert panel led by nurse economist Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, vividly describes how many of our health workplaces and practices are exhausting, overly burdensome, and causing moral distress and early career departures of our talented, dedicated, and overworked healthcare professionals. Kathy Howell, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nurse Executive, UCHealth; Corey Feist, President and Co-Founder, Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes' Foundation; and Iman Abuzeid, CEO and Co-Founder, Incredible Health, provide insight into what healthcare talent is seeking from their careers, how forward-leaning health executives are responding to market conditions and workforces that have dramatically shifted, and the readily available system level policy changes urgently needed to support and sustain a thriving health workforce.

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Featured Guests
Kathy Howell, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC
Corey Feist, JD, MBA
Iman Abuzeid, MD, MBA

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