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22: Personal Effects

August 6, 2020


In health systems across the globe, nurses are relied upon and trusted to care for people and their families. What's lesser-known are the details of care, what nursing teams actually do, and how their innovation unfolds. The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically changed that and provided opportunities for the world to take a closer look at the behind-the-scenes details and see nurses as experts leading innovation. In this episode, nurses Carlos Trochez, Jr., BSN, RN and Simone Hannah-Clark, BN, RN, CCRN two of the many thousands of nurses working in intensive care units around the world, reflect on the intensity and pace of real-time innovation in a pandemic and reveal how crowdsourcing from social media, collaborating across cultures and disciplines, and live choreography played a role in all the pieces coming together—and how they are present and highly attuned when the pieces, for some patients and families, fall apart.

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Guests Featured in This Episode

· Carlos Trochez Jr., BSN, RN
· Simone Hannah-Clark, BN, RN, CCRN

Additional Resources:

“An I.C.U. Nurse’s Coronavirus Diary”, The New York Times

“Coronavirus: Kiwi nurse in New York describes harrowing job of caring for dying patients”, News Hub New Zealand

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